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Each issue provides a useful summary of the month’s major developments. It’s divided into categories like crops, livestock or farm income, making it easy to scan and find exactly the information you need.

  • Includes “The View from Here,” a valuable column sharing Doane’s perspective that may reshape conclusions traders have drawn.
  • Cash price charts for key commodities
  • Forecasts for current year and the year ahead

News2Use December 2018

Date : 13th Dec 2018

In this issue, The View From Here column is "A Summary of 2018 Farm Bill Details." The Farm Bill was passed in early December. China's ASF situation is likely to worsen in the next few months. The December 1 China/U.S. trade "truce" helped sustain soybean prices well above fall lows. 


News2Use November 2018

Date : 01st Nov 2018

In this issue, The View From Here column is on the Pro Farmer/Landowner land survey; USDA cutting its corn and soybean projections for 2018 in November WASDE; pork market suffering, in spite of ASF reports in China; and Democratic House majority in 2019-2020 has kicked the drive for final approval of the USMCA trade pact in high gear. Download

News2Use October 2018

Date : 01st Oct 2018

"In this issue, The View From Here column is about the new agreement, USMCA, between Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. In Crops news, USDA boosted its cotton
production forecast slightly in the October WASDE, but Hurricane Michael may have wiped out over a million bales in the Southeast. In Livestock news, a huge hog/pork price rebound
from drastic summer losses suggests hog values have posted their 2018 low."


News2Use September 2018

Date : 01st Sep 2018

In this issue, The View From Here column concerns the African swine fever that broke out in China. In Crops and Farm Policy news, the U.S.-China trade conflict is nowhere near resolution, which implies numerous ag markets, particularly soybeans and cotton, could be affected for some time.


News2Use August 2018

Date : 01st Aug 2018

"In this issue, The View From Here column is an update on the China and U.S. trade war. In Crop news, USDA’s August Crop Production
Report indicated favorable early summer weather had boosted the yield potential of the mainline crops; however, cotton condition is poor and may lead to much abandonment. In Livestock news, the milk and dairy product markets turned seasonally higher in July."


News2Use July 2018

Date : 01st Jul 2018

"In this issue, The View From Here column gives the results of the June USDA Acreage Report. Livestock news mentions Mexican and Chinese tariffs on imported U.S. pork likely limited the
normal U.S. hog and pork rally in the second quarter. Farm policy deals mostly with the beginning of the China-U.S. tariff trade war. "


News2Use June 2018

Date : 01st Jun 2018

In this issue, The View From Here column concerns U.S. ag exports and their promise for a healthy ag economy if there's no trade war. In Livestock news, aggressive feedlot marketings are quickly reducing cattle supplies still in lots. Farm policy deals with the Trump administration's hard line on trade becoming a major issue in mid-June. Download

News2Use May 2018

Date : 01st May 2018

"In this issue, The View From Here column is ""Strong Meat Demand Bodes Well for the Livestock Industry."" The crops focus is on the May WASDE Report, which indicated generally
tightening global crop conditions, which should eventually support prices. In Farm Policy news, ag ministers for the U.S., Canada and Mexico were pushing to complete a NAFTA 2.0 trade deal."


News2Use April 2018

Date : 01st Apr 2018

In this issue, The View From Here column concerns reviewing recent shifts in farmland values. In Crops news, there's an Argentine soybean shortfall and corn plantings delayed by cold. In livestock news, worry over Chinese tariffs on pork and beef send prices falling. 


News2Use March 2018

Date : 01st Mar 2018

In this issue, The View From here column is about USDA’s outlook for 2018/19 major crop production. Livestock reports on cattle and hog slaughter. In Farm Policy, tariffs on steel and aluminum are discussed, while farm income focuses on expenses increasing for farmers. 


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