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For 100 years, Doane has connected first-hand farmer intelligence with agribusiness professionals, purchasing directors and government agencies. Leveraging agriculture’s largest farm database, through Farm Journal, we survey and talk to more farmers & ranchers than any other ag-analysis company – and then bring that exclusive insight to our clients.


Decades of proven, detailed, independent modeling and analysis provides the immediate and long-term data you need along the entire value chain. Our methodology provides the highest reliability with proven indicators of vital market trends.


Agriculture is a dynamic, complex and volatile market, requiring sound information and time-tested insight for agribusiness decision makers. As demand for trusted information continues to grow, Doane Advisory Services helps you anticipate market shifts, allowing you to manage risk and make informed decisions for your business.

About Us

About Doane

By focusing on the information clients truly need, Doane provides on-point analysis and advice without information overload. Our 5-year and 10-year market forecasts are a proven indicator of future market trends, while our short-term market analysis provides clients the timely information they need to make important decisions today.

Started in 1919 by Mr. D. Howard Doane, Doane Advisory Services was built with the vision of creating a more efficient, productive agriculture industry. Acquired by Farm Journal in 2015, Doane Advisory Services is a market leader for agricultural economic information and outlook. Doane’s economists combine Farm Journal’s deep farm-data content with its proven models and analysis – which distinguish Doane as the only advisory services with direct contact with America’s farmers and ranchers.

The Doane Promise

Providing research, analysis and insight with a personal component is the promise delivered to each and every client. Every Doane Advisory Services client has a simple, one-step process to contact a Doane economist for an e-mail or phone consultation. Knowing our clients allows us to understand their information needs.

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Quarterly Crop Outlook

Quarterly Crop Outlook

Doane supply/demand five-year forecasts for corn, soybeans, wheat and cotton. Discussions of domestic and foreign factors shaping the individual crop outlooks. Use the economic data and analysis for your strategic decision making.

  • U.S. annual planted and harvested acreages, yields, and production
  • U.S. exports
  • U.S. domestic use
  • U.S. ending stocks
  • Foreign and world forecast tables
  • Farm-level cash price forecasts
  • Inclusion for Doane’s spot analysis of periodic releases of market moving reports including major USDA and Statistics Canada updates

Frequency: Quarterly

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County Acreage Report

County Acreage Report

Using Doane’s proprietary algorithm, this comprehensive report shares Doane’s much-anticipated five-year acreage forecast for 21 row crops—essential information for product forecasting and insight into market share.

  • Data from 1990
  • Sortable by county, state, FIPS codes
  • Shares acreage data for all U.S. counties.

Frequency: Four times per year

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Consultation Services

Consultation Services

Bill Nelson

Doane’s Chief Economist, Bill Nelson, provides trusted insight and analysis to fit your organization’s unique information needs-fully customized to your timing and format, including on-site in-person presentations/meetings, conference calls, or webinars.

Mr. Nelson brings over 40 years of experience in commodity crop research, analysis and forecasting. Bill has specialized in grains, oil seeds, and cotton and is a frequent advisor on weather and climate issues that impact global crop production. Bill has a BS in Meteorology from Iowa State University and a MS in Agronomy from Purdue University. Bill grew up on a corn, soybean, cattle and hog farm in central Iowa, where the family farm is still active in agricultural production.

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