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For 100 years, Doane has connected first-hand farmer intelligence with agribusiness professionals, purchasing directors and government agencies. Leveraging agriculture’s largest farm database, through Farm Journal, we survey and talk to more farmers & ranchers than any other ag-analysis company – and then bring that exclusive insight to our clients.


Decades of proven, detailed, independent modeling and analysis provides the immediate and long-term data you need along the entire value chain. Our methodology provides the highest reliability with proven indicators of vital market trends.


Agriculture is a dynamic, complex and volatile market, requiring sound information and time-tested insight for agribusiness decision makers. As demand for trusted information continues to grow, Doane Advisory Services helps you anticipate market shifts, allowing you to manage risk and make informed decisions for your business.

About Us

About Doane

By focusing on the information clients truly need, Doane provides on-point analysis and advice without information overload. Our 5-year and 10-year market forecasts are a proven indicator of future market trends, while our short-term market analysis provides clients the timely information they need to make important decisions today.

Started in 1919 by Mr. D. Howard Doane, Doane Advisory Services was built with the vision of creating a more efficient, productive agriculture industry. Acquired by Farm Journal in 2015, Doane Advisory Services is a market leader for agricultural economic information and outlook. Doane’s economists combine Farm Journal’s deep farm-data content with its proven models and analysis – which distinguish Doane as the only advisory services with direct contact with America’s farmers and ranchers.

The Doane Promise

Providing research, analysis and insight with a personal component is the promise delivered to each and every client. Every Doane Advisory Services client has a simple, one-step process to contact a Doane economist for an e-mail or phone consultation. Knowing our clients allows us to understand their information needs.

Our Team

Add 105 years of industry experience to your research portfolio.

Bill Nelson
Bill Nelson Chief Economist

Bill Nelson is a Chief economist with Doane Advisory Services with 40 years of experience in in commodity crop research, analysis and forecasting. Bill has specialized in grains, oil seeds and cotton and is a frequent advisor on weather and climate issues that impact global crop production. Bill’s has a BS in Meteorology from Iowa State University and a MS in Agronomy from Purdue University. Bill grew up on a corn, soybean, cattle and hogs farm in central Iowa where the family farm is still active in agricultural production.

Rob Hatchett
Rob Hatchett Senior Economist

Rob Hatchett is a senior economist with Doane Advisory Services, where he has over 10 years of experience in various aspects of the ag industry, with previous positions at Stratas Foods, Informa Economics and Gavilon Grain. For Doane, he is currently the vegetable oil and wheat analyst. Rob has a BA in agribusiness from the University of Arkansas and an MS in agricultural economics from Oklahoma State University. He is currently a resident of Memphis, TN.

Jim Wiesemeyer
Jim Wiesemeyer Policy Analyst

Located Washington, D.C., Jim Wiesemeyer provides latest information on agricultural policy and trade developments. Jim is a regular speaker for farm groups, agribusiness conferences and client consultations. Since 1978, he has frequently reported on and interviewed senior government officials, including Presidents Reagan and Carter, as well as several USDA Secretaries. Jim contributes daily analysis and commentary on policy and trade to Doane's sister property Pro Farmer.

Brian Grete
Brian Grete Market Analyst

Brian Grete is Editor of Pro Farmer and a regular contributor to Doane Advisory Services. An expert on risk management and commodity analysis, Brian’s regular appearances on AgDay TV, and U.S. Farm Report have made him well known and respected throughout the industry. Brian is a frequent presenter at ag seminars and conferences, and is the Director for the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour.

Riley Higby
Riley Higby Vice President of Revenue

Mr. Higby is the Vice President of Revenue at Doane Advisory Services. Mr.Higby has over a decade of professional experience in consulting, commodity research, and agribusiness sales. Riley’s career incudes time with AgStar Financial Services and Informa Economics where he has worked with more than 150 clients on a variety of strategic and consulting endeavors. Mr. Higby grew up on a commercial cattle operation in western Idaho and earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Agricultural Economics from the University of Idaho.

Margo Dill Balinski
Margo Dill Balinski Managing Editor/Client Services Manager

Margo Dill Balinski is Doane’s Managing Editor and Client Services Manager with 15 years of experience in writing and editing. Since joining Doane in 2015, her responsibilities include creating and editing publications, fulfilling reports, collecting data, writing articles, managing digital and social media, working with the Doane portal and providing personal support to clients. Margo has a BS in English and an MAE in elementary education from Truman State University in Kirksville, MO. She lives in St. Louis.

Jim Wyckoff
Jim Wyckoff Consultant

Jim Wyckoff is a consultant for Doane Advisory Services, often contributing his expertise in technical analysis and market psychology. He has spent over 30 years involved full-time with the stock, financial, currency and commodity markets. For 17 of these years, he was a financial journalist with the FWN newswire service. Jim received his undergraduate degree from Iowa State University. He studied journalism and economics and currently resides at Lake Panorama, Iowa.

Alan Barrett
Alan Barrett Director of Consulting

Alan Barrett is Doane’s Director of Consulting and is an accomplished commodity economist with more than 25 years of experience in futures and cash markets with a focus on cotton, commodity projects, non-traditional agricultural products, transportation and supply chain studies. Alan spent six years as a commodity futures broker.  His expertise encompasses feasibility studies of oilseed crushing plants (soybean, canola, and cottonseed), grain elevators, export elevators, shuttle elevators, grain container operations, flourmills and other processing facilities.  Alan also has conducted transportation supply chain studies for grains, oilseeds, fertilizer, coal, natural gas, crude oil, and petroleum products.  Alan has considerable experience in non-traditional agricultural products such as coal, coke, natural gas, chemicals, hydraulic fracturing fluid, hydraulic fracturing proppants, glycerin, fertilizer, micronutrients, salt, limestone, cement, iron ore, pig iron, and steel, especially feed ingredients.   Mr. Barrett has a BS and MS in agricultural economics from the University of Tennessee.

Grey Montgomery
Grey Montgomery President of Farm Journal’s Data and Research Division

Grey Montgomery is President of Farm Journal’s Data and Research Division, which provides agricultural commodities market research, data and consulting and where Doane lives. Before that, he was chief content and innovation officer at Winsight, where he led development of Technomic's transaction data platform for restaurants, which provides near-real-time sales and traffic data from the top 200 chains. He also led an effort that tripled Winsight’s media page views, doubled time on site and increased digital media revenue by 60 percent over 18 months. Grey also has served as head of mobile for McClatchy, the strategy adviser to the Chairman/CEO of Gannett, worked at Google and has an MBA from Wharton, with honors.

Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson Senior Market Analyst

Jeff Wilson joined Pro Farmer as Senior Market Analyst in June 2018 after nearly 15 years as an agricultural markets and company reporter at Bloomberg News. He has covered the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour more than 20 times as a reporter and market analyst and now leads the western leg of the tour. During his 37 years of following the news behind the markets for three different wire services, a national grain marketing firm and as a farm broadcaster, Jeff is well-versed in commodity analysis and international economic developments that affect U.S. agriculture. He uses both fundamental and technical perspectives to help construct risk management strategies for Pro Farmer members. 

Mike Sands
Mike Sands Senior Livestock/Meat Analyst

Previous to working with Doane Advisory, Mike served as a VP at Informa Economics (formerly Sparks Companies) for a number of years, heading the economic research and analysis program in the cattle and beef area.  In addition, Mike coordinated a multi-commodity livestock and meat research team of professionals to service a broad spectrum of clients to develop tailored marketing, merchandising and risk management plans for livestock and livestock products with particular emphasis on cattle and beef procurement and sales. Before joining Informa Economics, Mike served as the director of the Livestock Marketing Information Center (LMIC) in Lakewood, CO, where he had leadership and budget responsibilities for the research staff while maintaining research responsibilities in the areas of livestock and meat price analysis, trade, strategic marketing management and database development. Mike Sands grew up on a dairy farm in central Wisconsin and received his B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Illinois, all in agricultural economics.

Our Services

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Commodity Digest

Commodity Digest

Concise weekly economic analysis and purchasing guidance for corn, wheat (by class), soybean oil, soybean meal, and soybeans. This report exclusively details the most important factors, domestic and foreign, driving price changes. Report includes individual commodity procurement recommendations, 18-month forward futures price forecast ranges, and supply/demand tables including two-year outlooks. Use the economic data and analysis for your strategic decision making.

  • Specific and targeted purchasing advice
  • Bull and Bear market factors
  • 18-month futures price forecast ranges
  • Supply/demand balance tables with forecasts
  • Inclusion for Doane’s spot analysis of periodic releases of market moving reports including major USDA and Statistics Canada updates

Frequency: Weekly

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Ag Insight

Ag Insight

Timely weekly analysis of two or three developing forces that are impacting the major crop and livestock outlooks for acreages and crop and protein production, demand, and prices. Trade policies, weather, farm and commodity related legislation, income, currencies, and geopolitical impacts are among many potential topics in any individual week.

  • Quarterly five-year annual acreage forecast table for 23 U.S. row crops and discussions of factors shaping the major outlooks
  • Implications of the latest ag news on crop and protein related forecasts
  • Identification of price shifts from Market Watch table of 29 key commodities
  • Inclusion for Doane’s spot analysis of periodic releases of market moving reports including major USDA and Statistics Canada updates

Frequency: Weekly

Quarterly Crop Outlook

Quarterly Crop Outlook

Doane supply/demand five-year forecasts for corn, soybeans, wheat and cotton. Discussions of domestic and foreign factors shaping the individual crop outlooks. Use the economic data and analysis for your strategic decision making.

  • U.S. annual planted and harvested acreages, yields, and production
  • U.S. exports
  • U.S. domestic use
  • U.S. ending stocks
  • Foreign and world forecast tables
  • Farm-level cash price forecasts
  • Inclusion for Doane’s spot analysis of periodic releases of market moving reports including major USDA and Statistics Canada updates

Frequency: Quarterly

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County Acreage Report

County Acreage Report

Using Doane’s proprietary algorithm, this comprehensive report shares Doane’s much-anticipated five-year acreage forecast for 21 row crops—essential information for product forecasting and insight into market share.

  • Data from 1990
  • Sortable by county, state, FIPS codes
  • Shares acreage data for all U.S. counties.

Frequency: Four times per year

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International Agriculture Outlook Report

International Agriculture Outlook Report

Ten-year forecasts for coarse grains, corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton and rice. In addition to the World and U.S. forecasts, can find forecasts for 16 countries or major regions that encompass all foreign production for the indicated commodities. Described as a “must-have” for serious consumers of global agriculture information. The report distills and conveys big-picture trends found in the global data.

  • Executive summary
  • Forecast variable
    • Harvested area
    • Yields
    • Production
    • Domestic utilization
    • Per capita consumption
    • Net Trade
  • Ten-years of history for each variable
  • Global rank ordering tables for each commodity

Frequency: Semiannual

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Each issue provides a useful summary of the month’s major developments. It’s divided into categories like crops, livestock or farm income, making it easy to scan and find exactly the information you need.

  • Includes “The View from Here,” a valuable column sharing Doane’s perspective that may reshape conclusions traders have drawn.
  • Cash price charts for key commodities
  • Forecasts for current year and the year ahead

Frequency: Monthly

Consultation Services

Consultation Services

Doane’s economists and analysts can provide trusted insight and analysis to fit your organization’s unique information needs-fully customized to your timing and format, including on-site in-person presentations/meetings, conference calls, or webinars.

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