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In this report, the edition of the crop growing season, which includes corn, cotton, rice, soybean, and spring wheat planting progress, winter wheat crop condition ratings, and weather updates.

Crop Weather Report August 12, 2019

Date : 12th Aug 2019

In this issue, corn and soybean conditions remain the same (lower than average) again! Spring wheat harvest and winter wheat harvest are behind the average. Rice condition improved two points and is doing well after a slow start. Spring wheat condition fell but it's still above average. Weather maps are also included to look at precipitation and summer temperatures in mid-August and beyond. 


Crop Weather Report August 5, 2019

Date : 05th Aug 2019

In this issue, spring wheat harvest has started and is slower than normal, although winter wheat harvest is also making slow progress; so none of this is shocking. Cotton condition lost a lot of points this week, mostly due to the crop in Texas. Soybean condition is the same the 4th week in a row. Corn condition continues to be below average as well as corn silking progress. Rice condition lost a percentage point this week. 


Crop Weather Report July 29, 2019

Date : 29th Jul 2019

In this issue, corn condition ratings remain lower than average. Corn silking is also lower than average. Soybean condition ratings remain low but steady. Rice condition is average for this time of the summer. Cotton condition is higher than normal, as is spring wheat condition. Winter wheat harvest made slow progress this last week. 


Crop Weather Report July 22, 2019

Date : 22nd Jul 2019

In this issue, soybean and corn conditions continue to be low for this time of the year. On the other hand, cotton condition is above average and rice condition is close to average. Corn silking is also quite low. Spring wheat condition is above average while winter wheat harvest continues to go slowly. 


Crop Weather Report July15, 2019

Date : 15th Jul 2019

In this issue, USDA released its Crop Progress Report for corn condition and silking; cotton, soybean, rice, and spring wheat condition; and winter wheat harvest, and we react to those here. Corn silking is very low for this time of the year. Corn and soybean conditions are under the 10-year average. Rice condition is about average. Cotton condition is high. Winter wheat harvest continues to go slower than average.  


Crop Weather Report July 8, 2019

Date : 09th Jul 2019

In this issue, the last winter wheat crop condition of the season was reported by the USDA, as well as the final soybean planting progress number--even though some states are not to the 95% mark in this record slow planting year. Corn, cotton, soybean, rice and spring wheat conditon ratings were all reported by the USDA today, and we compare them to last year's rating and the 10-year average for each crop. Finally, we report winter wheat harvest and include some weather maps to round out the report. 


Crop Weather Report July 1, 2019

Date : 01st Jul 2019

In this issue, corn condition remained below average for the good/excellent categories, as did soybeans. There's been little change week to week in the condition rating. Cotton condition continued to improve, as did rice condition. As for the winter wheat, its condition was above average, but its harvest was moving along extremely slow. Spring wheat condition was reported as being lower than last year's for the second week in a row. 


Crop Weather Report June 24, 2019

Date : 25th Jun 2019

Condition ratings are coming in now that crops are finally planted and starting to grow, although the soybean condition rating this week was low and three weeks later than normal. Rice condition is only a few points lower than average, and spring wheat is doing okay, although the conditon keeps declining each week. Winter wheat condition is excellent compared to last year and the 10-year avereage. As for planting progress, soybeans and corn are still not 100% planted, so abondment is certain, especially in some key states. The weather may be better this next week for the farmers and their crops. Winter wheat harvest is off to a slow start--the theme for 2019. 


Crop Weather Report June 17, 2019

Date : 18th Jun 2019

In this issue, corn planting progress is almost complete, although still behind for the season. Corn, cotton, spring wheat, and rice condition ratings are reported. Soybean planting progress is also still behind--although farmers made some ground in the last week. Soybean condition ratings are still not reported for the spring crop. Winter wheat condition and harvest are reported as of 6/16 while spring wheat condition is reported, since planting is just about at 100%. 


Crop Weather Report June 10, 2019

Date : 11th Jun 2019

In this issue, Doane covers the crops that USDA reported on from the Crop Progress Report. That includes corn planting progress and condition, soybean planting progress, cotton planting progress and condition, rice condition, spring wheat condition, spring wheat planting progress, winter wheat condition and winter wheat harvest. Three weather maps with various information affecting spring planting are also included. 


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