Crop Weather

In this report, the edition of the crop growing season, which includes corn, cotton, rice, soybean, and spring wheat planting progress, winter wheat crop condition ratings, and weather updates.

Crop Weather Report December 2 2019

Date : 02nd Dec 2019

This is the last Doane Advisory Services' Crop Weather Update for 2019. Corn harvest is still not to 90%, which is typically at 96%-97% nationally at the beginning of December. Cotton harvest is above where it should be as producers make their way through the huge Texas crop. Soybean harvest is almost complete except for a couple northern states where winter weather has hit early and hard this year. The next Crop/Weather Update will not be until Spring 2020. 


Crop Weather Report November 25, 2019

Date : 25th Nov 2019

In this issue, corn harvest is still behind, so much so that the USDA will be releasing Crop Progress Reports into December this year. Soybean harvest also had an extra report week and is at 94% complete. Cotton harvest is on schedule. Winter wheat condition is the same as last week. Three weather maps are included to inform on forecasted precipitation and temperatures.  


Crop Weather Report November 18, 2019

Date : 18th Nov 2019

In this issue, U.S. producers are working hard to finish harvesting corn, soybeans and cotton. Cotton is close to the 10-year average and much above last year. Soybean farmers have played catch-up this year and are equal to last year's rate. However, the story for corn farmers is not as good. Harvest completion rates are still way behind. Winter wheat plantings are on track but conditions are lower than usual. 



Date : 12th Nov 2019

Limited bouts of precipitation helped to bolster a good week of harvest activity across much of the U.S. Midwest in the first full week of November. Famers were able to collect good portions of the 2019 corn, cotton and soybean crops while 2020 winter wheat seedings inched along. The surprise this week was the larger-than-expected decline in U.S. winter wheat conditions which slipped three percentage points in the G/E categories. Mostly open weather in the week ahead should help to promote another week of good harvest activity across the Midwest especially later in the week. 


Crop Weather Report November 4, 2019

Date : 04th Nov 2019

In this issue, corn harvest is much below where it needs to be at this time of year, and winter weather is headed its way for much of the growing area--again for some places. Corn condition is unchanged from last week, but still way below average. Cotton harvest is at a good pace this year. Soybean harvest is behind its average and last year, but not as much as corn. Winter wheat planting is right at its 10-year-average rate, and condition is above average. There is some snow forecast for northern states this week. 


Crop Weather Report October 28, 2019

Date : 28th Oct 2019

In this issue, corn harvest is 20 points behind last year's progress and is moving slower than soybean harvest, even though both crops started out slow and suffered from poor conditions throughout the growing season. Corn condition is still being reported even though USDA has usually stopped by now. Winter wheat planting is ahead of last year and in line with the 10-year average, and the first winter wheat condition report was published today. As for cotton, the condition is 5 points higher in the good and excellent categories than last year, and the harvest is ahead of the 10-year average. There's snow in the forecast for some of the U.S. where farmers are still trying to harvest corn and soybeans. 


Crop Weather Report October 21, 2019

Date : 21st Oct 2019

In this issue, soybean harvest jumped 20 points over the past week, which was a surprise to everyone, while corn harvest did not progress as much as expected. Both are still lower than average. Corn condition and soybean condition are remaining steady but low. Spring wheat harvest is almost complete, while winter wheat planting is making good progress. Cotton condition went up 2 points in the good/excellent categories and cotton harvest is at an above average completion rate. This is the last week to discuss the rice harvest. 


Crop Weather Report October 15, 2019

Date : 15th Oct 2019

Due to Columbus Day, USDA released this week's Crop Progress Report on Tuesday. Corn condition dropped one point as expected. Corn dented is still being reported this year. Corn and soybean harvest are way below average. Soybean condition is also low. Spring wheat harvest is STILL not complete. Winter wheat planting is making good progress. Rice harvest is also in-line with historical data. Cotton condition is below the 10-year average while the harvest is above. 


Crop Weather Report October 7, 2019

Date : 07th Oct 2019

In this issue, corn dented is still not to 100%, while condition and harvest are below average, too. Cotton condition continues to fall, but harvest is making good progress. Soybean condition rating fell again, and harvest is way behind. Rice harvest continues to be about average. Spring wheat harvest is still moving very slow, while winter wheat planting is also facing delays. Winter weather is on the forecast for some of the northern states this week. 


Crop Weather Report September 30, 2019

Date : 30th Sep 2019

In this issue, corn dented is only at 88% and should be at 100%. Corn and soybean harvest are both behind the average completion rates, mostly due to the immature crop. Corn and soybean condition ratings have been steady this year, but below average. Rice harvest is on target. Cotton condition and harvest are about average for this time of year. Spring wheat harvest is not yet complete, although in previous years, it usually is by the end of September/beginning of October. Winter wheat planting is on target after a slow start. 


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