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Each issue provides a useful summary of the month’s major developments. It’s divided into categories like crops, livestock or farm income, making it easy to scan and find exactly the information you need.

  • Includes “The View from Here,” a valuable column sharing Doane’s perspective that may reshape conclusions traders have drawn.
  • Cash price charts for key commodities
  • Forecasts for current year and the year ahead

News 2 Use December 2019

Date : 16th Dec 2019

In this issue, soybeans rallied ahead of the Phase 1 trade pact between the U.S. and China, with improved Chinese buying giving prices a boost as well. Cattlemen seemed to slow their marketings in late fall. That probably won’t hurt short-term price prospects, but it raises concerns about the mid-2020 outlook. Japan’s parliament also accepted the bilateral U.S.-Japan trade deal. That accord now seems set for short-term implementation. The View From Here article is "Farmers Are More Confident About Farmland Values."



Date : 13th Nov 2019

In this issue, adverse weather conditions have resulted in 2019 U.S. summer crop harvests progressing in fits and starts this fall while also leading to some early concerns for the planting and emergence of the 2020 U.S. winter wheat crop. USDA has moved somewhat lower with its latest estimate of the 2019 U.S. corn crop, while the agency maintained its previous soybean projection in the November WASDE report. In addition to offering some guidance to the 2019/20 crop, USDA also published an early glimpse at its 10-year projections out to 2029/30. One key market driver at the forefront of the trade is the ongoing trade talks between the U.S. and China, and it appears that there are still some hurdles that need to be cleared before both sides will seal a preliminary agreement in ink. Cattle prices have surged following their dive in August as holiday demand approaches.


News 2 Use October 2019

Date : 16th Oct 2019

In this issue, China and the U.S. are making some progress on the trade front. In early October, the USDA and EPA announced plans to tackle the RFS issue together. Dipping production forecasts and a big cold/snow event over the upper Midwest in mid-October enabled the corn market to turn higher. The September USDA Hogs & Pigs report indicated hog and pork supplies will be quite plentiful (+5% annually) through autumn, although the data suggest slower herd expansion next year. 


News 2 Use September 2019

Date : 18th Sep 2019

In this issue, the beef packing industry has enjoyed huge profits since the August 9 fire. The industry has sustained active kill rates, which has greatly mitigated ideas of a cattle industry crisis. The U.S. and China cooled their trade rhetoric in early September, thereby giving rise to hopes for a trade deal at some point in the near future. Corn and wheat futures followed soybeans higher despite flat to higher supply totals. The SRW and cotton markets also broke out above major resistance.


News 2 Use August 2019

Date : 15th Aug 2019

In this issue, although the USDA’s August resurvey of corn plantings trimmed the June estimate, the result at 90.005 million still crushed expectations and sent prices diving.The USDA’s July Cattle Report stated the mid-year population at 103.7 million head, unchanged from mid-2018. The cattle cycle has apparently peaked. The U.S.-China trade war heated up in late July after President Trump said he would impose 10% duties on all untariffed Chinese goods on September 1. 


News2Use July 2019

Date : 17th Jul 2019

In this issue, the USDA June 28 Acreage and Grain Stocks Report was shocking for some in the industry. What does it mean now? China's still dealing with the ASF epidemic; while at the end of June, the USDA put out the Hogs and Pigs Report on this U.S. livestock sector.Presidents Trump and Xi did talk at the G-20 Summit, but things seem to be moving slower than a snail's pace, if at all, while movement is trying to be made on USMCA. And more!  


News2Use June 2019

Date : 18th Jun 2019

In this issue, The View From Here column discusses the record slow planting progress for soybeans and corn and how that will most likely affect yields. In farm policy news, trade issues with China and Mexico have created some problems for U.S. farmers and ag industry professionals. Crop news is full of issues with the heavy rains and flooding for U.S. farmers--both in the fields and transporting their goods. And for livestock farmers, the markets have been somewhat rough due to decreased demand for pork and discounted live cattle futures. 


News2Use May 2019

Date : 16th May 2019

China and U.S. trade negotiations fell apart in early May, with both countries adding more tariffs for the other. The 2019 planting season has been plagued with wet, cool weather, and corn, rice, cotton and soybean plantings have been lagging behind in many states. The BLT season will most likely be mediocre due to plentiful supplies and moderate grocer demand for bacon. There's a weak El Nino event present this year. 


News 2 Use April 2019

Date : 16th Apr 2019

In this issue, The View From Here is "An Update on the ASF Situation." The snowy winter and a mid-April storm boosted chances for late plantings this spring. A major global pork shortage and higher hog and pork prices are likely to develop in the coming months. U.S and Chinese negotiators are reportedly close to a trade agreement.


News2Use March 2019

Date : 13th Mar 2019

In this issue, The View From Here is "U.S. Farm Sector Income Seen Up 10% in 2019." Harsh winter weather kept a lid on early-2019 cattle and beef supplies, thereby offering sustained price support. It also signals spring planting problems in many areas. China and U.S. trade deal is still not settled. 


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