Ag News Weekly

A concise report divided into three primary sections:

  • Developments in the Markets: Key driving forces behind the week’s market action and our take on the week ahead.
  • Developments in the Ag Sector: The most important developments for agribusiness in geopolitics, agricultural trade, global weather and more.
  • Developments in Policy: The latest farm policy, trade agreements, tax code changes and other key government developments impacting agriculture.

Ag News Weekly April 18, 2019

Date : 18th Apr 2019

In this issue, rising South American production totals exerted fresh pressure on crop prices. Natural gas prices are testing three-year lows. Condition ratings for the HRW and SRW crops have diverged lately. A U.S.-China trade deal seems imminent.


Ag News Weekly April 12, 2019

Date : 12th Apr 2019

In this issue, the crop markets were mixed to lower this week. The commodity sector may have broken out to the upside. China’s huge pork purchases confirm the seriousness of its ASF situation. The U.S. and China are trying to hammer out final trade agreement details.


Ag News Weekly April 5, 2019

Date : 05th Apr 2019

In this issue, the crop markets took back some of last week’s losses. The livestock markets staged impressive rebounds. India’s monsoon is projected to be relatively low for a third straight year. The U.S. and China continue edging toward a trade deal.


Ag News Weekly March 29, 2019

Date : 29th Mar 2019

In this issue, the crop markets sagged ahead of Friday’s USDA acreage and stocks reports. The livestock markets set back from recent highs. The quarterly USDA Hogs & Pigs Report indicated continued U.S. herd growth. Hopes for a quick resolution of U.S.-China trade talks faded.


Ag News Weekly March 22, 2019

Date : 27th Mar 2019

In this issue of Ag News Weekly, crop markets are spurred by a soggy spring in the western Corn Belt. NOAA says the U.S. may face historic flooding this spring. President Trump seems to be using public pronouncements as trade talk tactics.  


Ag News Weekly March 15, 2019

Date : 15th Mar 2019

In this issue, rebounding corn futures supported wheat and soybean prices; copper and lumber futures suggest the construction industry is getting to work; the USDA is eliminating its August objective yield survey for corn and soybeans and the EPA released its proposals for allowing year-round sales of E-15 gasoline.


Ag News Weekly March 8, 2019

Date : 08th Mar 2019

In this issue, Chinese soybean buying limited spillover from corn and wheat losses. Concerns about the U.S. economy weighed upon the equity indices. Few expect big surprises on the March WASDE. A U.S.--China trade deal does not seem imminent. 


Ag News Weekly March 1, 2019

Date : 01st Mar 2019

In this issue, winter wheat led the grain and soybean markets lower, and the dairy markets may have bottomed. The USDA Cattle Report showed cyclical herd expansion may be peaking. U.S.-China trade negotiations are still ongoing.


Ag News Weekly February 22, 2019

Date : 22nd Feb 2019

Renewed optimism about a U.S.-China trade deal boosted the crop markets. The energy product markets are pulling crude oil higher. African swine fever is becoming an increasing problem in Eurasia.


Ag News Weekly February 15, 2019

Date : 15th Feb 2019

The crop markets continue awaiting a U.S.-China trade deal while hog futures have built a bearish scenario into prices. Fed Chairman Powell recognized that many in rural areas are struggling.


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