Ag Insight Weekly

Timely weekly analysis of two or three developing forces that are impacting the major crop and livestock outlooks for acreages and crop and protein production, demand, and prices. Trade policies, weather, farm and commodity related legislation, income, currencies, and geopolitical impacts are among many potential topics in any individual week.

  • Quarterly five-year annual acreage forecast table for 23 U.S. row crops and discussions of factors shaping the major outlooks
  • Implications of the latest ag news on crop and protein related forecasts
  • Identification of price shifts from Market Watch table of 29 key commodities
  • Inclusion for Doane’s spot analysis of periodic releases of market moving reports including major USDA and Statistics Canada updates

Ag Insight Weekly August 16, 2019

Date : 16th Aug 2019

In this issue, "Pro Farmer Crop Tour Preview: Uncertainty in the Fields as the Tour Begins," "Reflections on the Commodity Week Just Past, from A to Z," "August Prevented Plantings Reflect Adverse Seeding Conditions," "U.S./China Trade War: Tit-for-Tat Moves Continue To Deter a Resolution."  


Ag Insight Weekly August 9, 2019

Date : 09th Aug 2019

In this issue, "Previews – USDA’s August Corn and Soybean Yield Forecasts," "Perspective on August Wheat Yield Changes," and "U.S. Farmland Values Continue Creeping Upward."  


Ag Insight Weekly August 2, 2019

Date : 02nd Aug 2019

In this issue, "Doane/Pro Farmer Corn and Soybean Acreage Survey Results," "Federal Reserve Gives Mixed Signals on U.S. Monetary Policy; Markets Unsettled," and "Qualitative Responses from Pro Farmer/Doane Surveys." 


Ag Insight Weekly July 26, 2019

Date : 26th Jul 2019

In this issue, "The Cyclical Expansion of the U.S. Cattle Herd May Be Ending," "Still Trying to Figure Out Acreages and Yields," and "The MFP 2 Details Are Out and There Aren’t Too Many Complaints."  


Ag Insight Weekly July 19, 2019

Date : 19th Jul 2019

In this issue,"Long-Term Acreage Forecast," "Historically High Soybean Stocks," "A Quick Update on the Chinese Hog Situation."  


Ag Insight Quarterly Index Q1 and Q2 2019

Date : 18th Jul 2019

In this issue of the latest Ag Insight Weekly Index, all the articles from January to June 2019 are organized by topics for easy reference. WIth this index, you can easily see what topics have been covered through the beginning of the year and the titles of each article--trade with China, slow planting progress for soybeans and corn, Mississippi River flooding, acreage reports and more. 


Ag Insight Weekly July 12, 2019

Date : 12th Jul 2019

In this issue, "Exploring U.S. Irrigation and Its Importance to Land Used for Agriculture," "EPA Issues Forward Biofuel Targets," and "Upper Mississippi River Open but Shipment’s Pace Low." 


Ag Insight Weekly July 3, 2019

Date : 03rd Jul 2019

In this issue, "Slow Progress on the China-U.S. Trade War Comes from the G-20 Summit," "Far from Settled – 2019 Acreages and Supply/Demand Forecasts," and "U.S. Hog Producers Seem Set to Slow Herd Expansion." 


Ag Insight Weekly June 28, 2019

Date : 28th Jun 2019

In this issue, "First Soybean Condition Report Raising Caution Flag on Yield Prospects," "Pork Demand Seems to be Lagging Badly Behind That for Beef," and "Number of U.S. Farms on the Decline, While the Average Size of Farms Increases." 


Ag Insight Weekly June 21, 2019

Date : 21st Jun 2019

In this issue, "A Glance at the Poultry and Egg Outlook"; "Federal Reserve Leans Easy on Money Policy; Bullish for Ag Markets"; "Trade Focus on China, USMCA, Japan and TPP" ; and "90-Day Forecast Maps from CPC." 


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