Ag Insight Weekly

Timely weekly analysis of two or three developing forces that are impacting the major crop and livestock outlooks for acreages and crop and protein production, demand, and prices. Trade policies, weather, farm and commodity related legislation, income, currencies, and geopolitical impacts are among many potential topics in any individual week.

  • Quarterly five-year annual acreage forecast table for 23 U.S. row crops and discussions of factors shaping the major outlooks
  • Implications of the latest ag news on crop and protein related forecasts
  • Identification of price shifts from Market Watch table of 29 key commodities
  • Inclusion for Doane’s spot analysis of periodic releases of market moving reports including major USDA and Statistics Canada updates

Ag Insight Weekly November 15, 2019

Date : 15th Nov 2019

In this issue, "Long-term Implications of U.S./China Trade War," "Market Focus Has Shifted to Demand," and "Palm Oil Market Supported by Tightening Outlook."


Ag Insight Weekly November 8, 2019

Date : 08th Nov 2019

In this issue, "Winter Wheat Ratings Point to Above-Average Start," "Vigorous Cheese Demand is Boosting the Dairy Complex," and "USDA’s Long-Term Projections."


Ag Insight Weekly November 1, 2019

Date : 01st Nov 2019

In this issue, "Holiday Supplies of Turkeys and Ham Again Look Quite Adequate," "Farmers, LandOwners look for Stable Land Values and Cash Rents," and "Propane Availability Becomes a Concern."  


Ag Insight Weekly October 25, 2019

Date : 25th Oct 2019

In this issue, "Long-Term Acreage Forecast," "Monthly Constant Commodity Index," "Strong Export Demand Should Improve the Livestock and Poultry Outlook," and the Market Watch table.


Ag Insight Weekly October 18, 2019

Date : 18th Oct 2019

In this issue, "Update on Minor Grain and Oilseed Supply and Demand," "U.S./China Phase 1 Tentative Deal: Numbers Do Not Add Up," "2019 Harvest Time: What Do Fall Fertilizer Prices Look Like?," and a U.S. Drought Monitor map.  


Ag Insight Weekly October 11, 2019

Date : 11th Oct 2019

In this issue, "Biodiesel Supply Update," "Brazil Southern Ports Improving to Meet Northern Arc Challenge," and "Key Takeaways from October Corn and Soybean Production and Supply/Demand Reports."


Ag Insight Quarterly Index for 1st to 3rd Quarter 2019

Date : 10th Oct 2019

In this issue of the latest Ag Insight Weekly Index, all the articles from January to September 2019 are organized by topics for easy reference. WIth this index, you can easily see what topics have been covered through the beginning of the year and the titles of each article--trade with China, uncertain yields for soybean and corn, results of the Pro Farmer Crop Tour, export and transportation issues, biofuel, acreage reports, livestock and more. 


AgInsight Weekly October 4, 2019

Date : 04th Oct 2019

In this issue, "Crop Sector Supply/Demand Forecast Updates," "Surging Litter Sizes are Boosting U.S. Hog Supplies," and "Grain Traders Monitoring Developments in Two Important “Outside Markets."  


Ag Insight Weekly September 27, 2019

Date : 27th Sep 2019

In this issue, "The Fall-Winter Cattle Rally May Again Be Exaggerated," "Columbia Snake River System Closed at Bonneville," "Fall Weather Outlook," and "Trade Relations Continue Dominating U.S. Ag News."  


Ag Insight Weekly September 20, 2019

Date : 20th Sep 2019

In this issue, "Spring Planting Woes Evident in Corn and Soybean Objective Yield Data," "Big Gains in U.S. Citrus Production in 2019 Crimp Prices; Acreage Continues Overall Decline," and "Soybeans Bring U.S. Delegation, Chinese Buyers Together."


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