Ag Insight Weekly

Timely weekly analysis of two or three developing forces that are impacting the major crop and livestock outlooks for acreages and crop and protein production, demand, and prices. Trade policies, weather, farm and commodity related legislation, income, currencies, and geopolitical impacts are among many potential topics in any individual week.

  • Quarterly five-year annual acreage forecast table for 23 U.S. row crops and discussions of factors shaping the major outlooks
  • Implications of the latest ag news on crop and protein related forecasts
  • Identification of price shifts from Market Watch table of 29 key commodities
  • Inclusion for Doane’s spot analysis of periodic releases of market moving reports including major USDA and Statistics Canada updates

Ag Insight Weekly April 18, 2019

Date : 18th Apr 2019

In this issue, "Updated Looks at 2019-20 Crop Supply/Demand Scenarios" and "Trade War Impacts on US Agricultural Exports to China – One Year On". 


Ag Insight Weekly April 12, 2019

Date : 12th Apr 2019

In this issue, "China’s Pork Shortage Expected to Boost Global Meat Trade," "Biodiesel Supply Forecast Updates," "U.S. Ethanol Output Ideas Continue to Diminish, Uncertainty Lies Ahead," and "2017 Ag Census Finds More Female Producers and Larger Farms, But Fewer Overall Farms." 


Ag Insight Weekly Index Quarter 1 2019

Date : 10th Apr 2019

In this issue of the Ag Insight Weekly Quarterly Index, the articles from all the Ag Insight Weekly issues from January 2019 to March 2019 are listed by categories, such as corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, cattle, hogs, farm policy, farm income, weather and more. This is an easy guide to find an article you are looking for or to see what we have published on topics that are important to you. 


Ag Insight Weekly April 5, 2019

Date : 05th Apr 2019

In this issue, "The U.S. Hog Population Continues Growing", "The Relationship between Prospective Plantings and Actual Acreage", and "Upper Mississippi River Flooded With Problems."


Ag Insight Weekly March 29, 2019

Date : 29th Mar 2019

In this issue, "Fertilizers' Overall Affordability Eroded," "USDA Annual Vegetable Survey: 2018 U.S. Production and Prices Dip," "High Water Preventing Agricultural Exports," and "The Dairy Sector is Suffering From Retaliatory Tariffs." 



Date : 23rd Mar 2019

In this issue, "Results of the Doane/Pro Farmer Planting Intentions Survey", "An Update on the African Swine Fever Situation", and "Spring Conditions in the Plains Look Swampy".


Ag Insight Weekly March 15, 2019

Date : 15th Mar 2019

In this issue, "El Niño Signals Slightly Smaller Crop Potential in 2019," "Trouble in Farm Country: Federal Reserve District Surveys Reveal Struggling Producers," and "Harsh Winter Impacts Barge Rates and Basis Levels". 


Ag Insight Weekly March 8, 2019

Date : 08th Mar 2019

In this issue, "The Cattle Inventory Report Suggests a Looming Cyclical Peak in Cattle Numbers," "Initial U.S. Winter Wheat Ratings Slip from Late-November," and "U.S. Farm Sector Income Seen Up 10% in 2019, but Still Well Down From Recent Years." 


Ag Insight Weekly March 1, 2019

Date : 01st Mar 2019

In this issue, "2019/2020 Crop Outlooks from USDA's Agricultural Outlook Forum" and "U.S./China Trade Talks: Finally Making Progress." 


Ag Insight Weekly February 22 2019

Date : 22nd Feb 2019

In this issue, “Vegetable Oil Suppliers Profits Threatened by Booming U.S. Crude Oil Production”, “NCC Survey Projects 2019 U.S. Cotton Acres up at 14.45 Million Acres”, and

“Changes in Federal Reserve, Other Central Banks’ Monetary Policies Beneficial for Commodity Markets.”


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