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Market Outlook and Advice

Doane helps agriculture producers monitor prices and emerging trends. Our expert staff provides high-quality analysis by incorporating signals from the market and Washington.

Commodity Forecasting

Trusted Doane economists provide you with in-depth analysis and forecasts of commodity prices to keep you ahead of crop and livestock market trends throughout the day.

Economic Analysis

Each Doane economist has years of experience analyzing the commodity markets, allowing them to interpret major macro changes while knowing the fundamental economic factors.

Community Participation

Connect with members of the agriculture community and interact with Doane’s expert economists. Participate in targeted commodity groups specific to your interests.
Doane’s economists bring you the latest agriculture analysis in real time.
Martyn Foreman
Senior Economist
Martyn is the grains analyst for Doane and has 25 years of experience in commodity research and analysis. Previously he worked as a market analyst and commodities buyer.
Bill Nelson
Senior Economist
Bill is the soybean analyst for Doane. He has over 30 years of experience in commodities forecasting and advisory. He previously served as the AgServ Manager and wheat market analyst.
Dan Vaught
Senior Economist
Dan Vaught serves as Doane’s hog and dairy analyst. With a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics, he covered livestock futures and several other markets for 18 years before joining Doane.

Enterprise Plan

Customized plans are available for our commercial clients. Select the premium reports and data feeds that best fit your business. Variable pricing depending on your level of access and number of users.
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