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  • December 11, 2017 8:05 AM CST by DAN VAUGHT
    Crop calls: Corn: 1 to 2 cents lower. Soybeans: 4 to 6 cents higher. Wheat: 1 to 3 cents lower. While showers over the weekend were not widespread, more rains are in the forecast this week for Argentina to slow the drying pace in some areas. While more significant rains are needed to relieve crop stress across the country, traders are lightening their long holdings as they prepare for tomorrow's USDA reports. Traders only expect fine-tuning to USDA's 2017-18 corn, soybean and wheat balance sheets. Also this morning, USDA announced an unknown destination purchased 132,000 MT of soybeans and Mexico purchased 110,000 MT of corn -- all for 2017-18.